8 Pieces of sydney naturopath Advice to Live By

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You have probably heard of this saying, “your health depends on your choices”. This has also been confirmed by naturopathic practitioners that specialize in prevention health care and natural treatment of ailments. We are bringing forth professional advice from a Sydney naturopath on how a proactive day should be for you so as to live a healthy lifestyle. It starts from the morning till the evening when you wind up the day with everything you are likely to go through. You may consider this piece as a guide to a healthy living.

  1. Waking up

Many people use an alarm to notify them of the time to wake up. What many don’t know is that the alarm may trigger a stress response. Starting up the day with stress deep within you without your knowledge is quite harmful as it slows down detoxification in the body. This makes your body vulnerable to environmental chemicals. This in turn makes the body more reactive to the chemicals you get in touch with the entire day. Advice: simply stop using an alarm and always plan to feel good to keep stress hormones down

  1. Taking enough water

Start the day off with a lot of fluids especially filtered water. Adding lemon is essential in elimination, mint crucial in waking you up and ginger to sober you up and digest the breakfast you take. Taking enough water helps in detoxification.

  1. Breakfast

This however depends from one person to another. Remember to add greens and avoid too much of artificial sugars but remember to add some fat such as flax oil or avocado to help in absorption of nutrients. Eating vegetables in the morning has been recommended by many naturopaths.

  1. Beauty habits

As you get ready for work, the common thing many of us do is to prepare ourselves with beauty products. Remember the body absorbs everything put on the skin and the beauty products account for the sources of toxins in our bodies. Always seek to understand the safer products that will reduce these toxins in the body from piling up.

  1. On your way to work

If you are driving, always do it with windows open for fresh air. Silent driving or listening to soft music is ideal to the brain to visualize and plan the day. Do not use air fresheners, as many do in cars to void inhaling the toxic fumes in the products. Experts indicate that though air may not be purely fresh, it is better than the off gassing from the car hence the need to keep windows open. This should be the case at work too. What you breathe in is of great concern. Having gardens around offices is a smart way to purify air.

  1. Lunch

Eat nutritious meals that will give your body better protection against diseases. Naturopathic advice states that you concentrate on whole foods that include vegetables with every meal. Water should not be forgotten either.

  1. Dinner

This also calls for more vegetable and whole foods as the case with lunch. Building your meals around vegetables guarantees a healthy living.

  1. Sleeping

It is advisable to sleep in the dark always for a crucial anti-oxidant melatonin to be released. It is essential in keeping cancer at bay balancing of body hormones

This is just but a professional naturopathic advice on how a proactive day should like. The essence of all this is to ensure the body gets the necessary nutrients for detoxification and avoiding harmful toxins pilling up in your body. Doing it over and over again, you will be surprise how you lead a healthy lifestyle free of diseases